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Retirement Sale!

We have loved being alpaca owners and breeders for the past 12 years. Medical and family issues have forced us to make the decision to retire from the business. We plan to sell the ranch in the near future and must find new homes for our beloved alpacas. We are hoping to find several nice places where our alpacas will be happy and well cared for.
We have slashed our prices in the hopes that we can find new owners for our alpaca as soon as possible. We are open to negotiations for individual and multiple alpaca sales. All offers welcome!

Rancho Keleje (kay-lay-jay) Alpacas is located in an agricultural area of Ventura County in Southern California. In January 2006, we entered into the alpaca business with the purchase of one bred female and two maidens. What followed was the transformation of an orange orchard to an alpaca ranch……removal of trees, installation of fences, water lines and shade covers, building of a barn, planting of grass, purchases of equipment and acquisition of more alpacas! We learned a great deal about alpacas along the way and continue to learn something new everyday.

We are a family oriented business which includes my son Jeff, his wife Jackie and their 5 children, Jake, Jocelyn, Jenna, Jared and Jacey, (commonly known as the “Seven J’s”.) Everyone does their part to provide attentive and loving care to all of our alpaca.

We are frequently asked what “KELEJE” means. It is actually an acronym that was created over 20 years ago to name our orange ranch using the first two letters of the first names of my husband “Ken”, my name “Leslie” and my son’s “Jeff”.

Our goal is to acquire the best breeding stock we can afford and to improve the genetics of each generation bred on our ranch. To see the results of your breeding decisions is quite rewarding. We love to share our experiences and knowledge with other breeders and people interested in becoming owner-breeders.

Update: After 12 years of alpaca ranching, it is time to look towards retirement. With plans to sell the ranch in the near future and relocating, we must start re-homing for our beloved alpaca. It is our priority to find good homes for all our alpaca and are open to price negotiations in order to make that happen.